1What is the maximum USB cable length?
The standard maximum length for USB cables lengths is 5m. For longer cables it is recommended to use a cat5/6 extender.
2How do I clean the You Touch optical touch screen?
Clean the touch screen glass panel with the following cleaning agents of any respectable manufacturer:
Isopropyl 99%

Isopropanol - IPA
3How does the touch component of the screens work?

Currently, we're utilizing Baanto's ShadowSense Touch technology; this utilizes shadows to pinpoint the exact location you are touching on the screen, using the same ideas behind the Roman sundial.

You can read more about ShadowSense Touch technology over at our technology page.

4Can you use a stylist with the SST?

Indeed you can, you can also use the redeemable pen and eraser; along with the likes of things such as hands, paintbrushes (without paint and are clean) and gloves

5if the SST product line gets wet, will it pick up water on the screen?

no, due to the ablity of the SST technology has the ablity to ignore objects of a transparent nature. These settings, however, can be changed.

6If I submerge your products underwater, for any reason, will they still work?

no, because it is not waterproof

7How do I connect to the Touch Screens?

For the touch aspect, you utilize the USB (A-B) cable provided, plugging the USB A connector into your desired device, and the USB B connector into the indicated location found on the back of the screen pointed out by the You Touch Technologies arrow

For the connection of the display, connect one of the possible options into both your screen and your device, (make sure to look at your device and touch screen to make sure you're utilizing the correct possible cable, are also being used in the relevant socket). The possibilities are as follows: -Display Port -HDMI -VGA -DVI

if something does not, do not force it, for it may cause damage, contact support for assistance

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